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Greg understands how vital keeping and creating jobs are to our communities. He also knows that these have to be jobs that support a living wage and a growing middle class. He will work to bring in real jobs. We do not need to open another fast food chain, we need someone like Greg to bring in employment that will rebuild our towns and create a product that will instill a sense of pride in the community. Employment that can help a family progress and not just make ends meet. Check out Greg's Job Plan

Social Security/Medicare
Social Security and Medicare are imperative if we plan to support our most vulnerable citizens. Greg understands how important these programs are for seniors and those with disabilities. Hard working people paid into these programs their entire lives and do not deserve to be threatened by others who would take these entitlements away. Greg knows what the American public has already made clear: 85% of the public does not think that cutting Social Security and/or Medicare will do anything but hurt the already vulnerable population in our country. If the American public thinks these entitlements are positive, then it is the duty of our representatives to listen to the public. When elected, Greg will fight for Americans who want to retire, or become disabled so that they may live with dignity and respect.

We have to find an approach immigration that does not encourage illegal and dangerous methods of entry, but is also fair and agreeable to the American public. Greg knows that the slash-and-burn immigration policies of other states do nothing but alienate populations of legal American citizens, and put police departments in a precarious position of having to decide who they "think" is a legal citizen. Nothing good has come out of these approaches, and they simply put excess pressure on an already stressed public police force. Greg supports, and will vote for, real solutions to immigration. Solutions that will give all immigrants a safe and legal path into citizenship.

Greg knows firsthand that labor unions are responsible for so many positive aspects of employment, yet they are declining in numbers. With the labor unions, so go our rights as workers and the pay that makes for a sustainable middle class. From 1973 to 2007 union membership in the American private sector declined from 24% to 13.3%. During this time, wage inequality in the private sector increased by over 40 percent despite a steady increase in productivity over this time. Americans are working harder than ever with less and less to show for it. With UAW members as his parents, Greg knows that labor unions are a voice for the American worker. As your Congressman, Greg will bring that voice to Washington. He will remind our representatives that it is time to bring union membership back up so the middle class can grow.

If we want to have a sustainable economy and a thriving country, then we have to start asking everyone to pay their fair share of federal and state revenue. Right now, we have loopholes that allow millionaires to pay less in taxes than their employees. We cannot live with a system that allows the middle class to slip into oblivion while their former bosses legally hoard away money. As your congressman, Greg will not stand idly by and watch the middle class of this district be taxed into poverty. If corporations in this state, and in this country, want a tax break, then they should have to earn it. Monies need to be reinvested in the American workforce, and jobs need to stay on our soil.